wedding! ben & elana at briones regional park: ceremony

My sweet and fabulous friends Ben and Elana were married on August 27th at Newt Hollow in Briones Regional Park in the East Bay hills. I was honored to photograph their wedding, and I hope I’ve done justice to their thoughtful, personal, and totally rockin’ party. I took so many great pictures (hard not to with such great subject matter!) that in this entry I’m just posting photos from before and during their ceremony.

Ben and Elana began their ceremony with a human-powered Rube Goldberg machine, and then walked through a labyrinth lined with all the friends and family who have helped them become the people they are today. They entered separately, met in the middle, and walked together, past friends who have known and supported them as a couple, to meet their pastor. They called first upon their parents, then upon their family, and finally upon their friends to surround them and to support them and their marriage by symbolically placing a hand upon their shoulders. I learned that I can in fact take photos with an enormous zoom lens one-handed!

After reading their vows to one another and exchanging rings, they stood together as spouses and invited us to the party! More soon!