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About stacia fuchsia photography:

My name is Stacia and I’m a wedding, event, and portrait photographer based in Portland, Oregon—my favorite city in the world. To see examples of my work, please take a look through my blog! The “categories” link in the header menu might help you out.

I love photographing weddings because I love photographing happy, excited people! I also enjoy the challenge and variety that weddings provide. In one day, I can make intimate portraits and shoot raucous groups, capture beautiful sunlight outside and play with my flash in dimly-lit reception halls, take candids of kids and pose grandmothers. I also love meeting couples and getting to be a part of their stories; by the time the cake is cut, I’m laughing and crying along with the guests at the toasts. I will capture your wedding in an unobtrusive, photojournalistic style, while still making sure to get all the shots you need, including formal family photos and shots of your awesome shoes or handmade decor. I’m also great to have around in a pinch — my experience as a theatrical stage manager has taught me to always be prepared for anything and to remain calm under pressure, and as necessary I’ll be like an extra member of your wedding party who you don’t have to still be friends with afterwards (unless you want to be!).

My wedding rates are sweet and simple: $2500 even will get you all-day coverage of your wedding, plus a disc full of high-res edited photos and printing rights, plus an engagement session or fun photoshoot so we can get to know each other. Eloping? Getting married next week? Tiny budget? Need just a few hours of coverage? Let’s talk!

I’m delighted to travel worldwide for weddings. Travel fees are never more than what it costs me to get to you, and I’m an experienced budget traveler!

Portrait sessions, events, and other shoots start at $200 or so; prices may vary depending on my availability and what you’re looking for. I love shooting theatrical and musical performances. Got a cool idea for a shoot? Drop me a line!

About me:

Hi, I’m Stacia! When I’m not taking photos, I might be painting, hanging out with my outrageously cute and wonderful cats, running in my neighborhood or on any of the beautiful trails in this part of the world, or riding my bike. My favorite book is probably Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut (but that’s a hard question), my favorite album is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, my favorite movie is La Femme Nikita (with King of Hearts a close second), my favorite food is way too hard a question (okay, no: it’s chocolate), and my favorite color is, well, fuchsia.

To learn more about me, you can check out my internet presence here or follow me on twitter.

A few kind words from wonderful folks:

“My fantabulous friend Stacia takes AMAZING pictures and documented my wedding better than anyone else could’ve. You should hire her for things. Seriously.” — Elana

“Stacia is a fabulous photographer. She photographed my 30th birthday and her pictures have totally alleviated fears of my physical aging. I don’t know how she did it but I don’t think I’ve ever looked better in pictures. She beautifully captured the joy and fun in the air that night. Thanks so much Stacia!” — Adam

“We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photographer. The day we got your flash drive we stayed up until four in the morning laughing, crying, and just generally reminiscing over what you helped to make the best day of our lives. We’re forever indebted to you, your thoughtful approach, and your brilliant eye.” — Jen & Tag


How long have you been photographing weddings?
I have been taking pictures with great enthusiasm since I was a kid, but I photographed my first wedding in August 2011. I learn a ton and have a blast at every wedding I shoot, and I am increasingly confident in my ability to provide my clients with beautiful photos, as a look through my website will demonstrate.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I use Canon professional cameras and equipment. I always carry a back-up camera and lenses, and at a wedding I usually have a camera slung over each shoulder — I like to be able to switch between lenses instantly as the situation calls for it.

Do you shoot film or digital?
I have thus far used digital cameras only for weddings, but I do use film cameras from time to time for personal photography — you can see some of the results on my blog. I’d love to talk to you about using film at your wedding or other photoshoot, if that’s something you’re interested in!

How do you approach a wedding day?
I tend to have a photojournalistic, hands-off style. I like to capture emotions, laughter, love, action, and all that good stuff as it happens, genuinely and in the moment. I also enjoy exploring perspectives and lighting. Of course, I’m also more than happy to take posed family or group portraits, and I’ll make sure to get a shot (and a slice!) of your beautiful cake (or pie, or cupcake, or cookie), and anything else you need me to capture.

Why do you include an engagement session?
I include an engagement session (if you prefer, you can just think of it as a fun photoshoot) as much for me as for you. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other before your wedding day. You get to get used to me snapping photos of you, and I get to figure out a little of what you like and what you don’t like when I’ve got a camera aimed at you. Plus, you’ll end up with some sweet and fun photos.

How do we hire you?
If you’re interested in having me photograph for you, please contact me using the contact form linked in the menu bar, or email me at staciafuchsia@gmail.com. If I’m available for your date, we can set up a meeting, either in person or over skype or phone, to talk details. If you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer, we’ll both sign a contract and I’ll ask you for a deposit to reserve your date. We’ll schedule an engagement session and a meeting to discuss all the details of your wedding so we both know what to expect. I’ll show up on your wedding day ready to capture everything, with all the questions and details out of the way.

Who owns the photographs when you’re done?
As the photographer, I maintain the copyright on my photographs. However, the high-resolution files will be delivered to you with a print release that will allow you to do pretty much as you please with them (make prints, share online, etc). If they will be used for any commercial purpose (posted to a commercial blog, etc), written permission will be required, but I’ll probably be happy to provide it as long as I receive credit.

How many photos do we get?
I usually end up with somewhere in the vicinity of 50 photos per hour of coverage — sometimes more, sometimes a little less.

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