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melinda & greg’s wahclella falls ceremony & backyard garden party

Remember Melinda & Greg’s sweet courthouse elopement in January? A few weeks ago they gathered together their friends and family for an even sweeter ceremony at Wahclella Falls in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, and then hosted us all in their gorgeous and verdant backyard for a Moroccan feast. Hope you enjoy these photos!

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ingrid & genesis: forest park engagement photos

Ingrid and Genesis and I went for a great evening walk in Forest Park the day after the solstice last weekend, enjoying the late light and the lush greenery of Portland’s largest park. Along the way I took some photos! I’m looking forward to their wedding in a little over a week — should be […]

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congratulations, melinda & greg!

Last Friday, I met Melinda and Greg downtown at the central library, and we walked together, along with their witnesses, to the courthouse so they could be married. Hope you enjoy these photos! I am looking forward to photographing their celebration in the woods later this year.

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